Welcome to Bursaries

Welcome to bursaries. Why stress about how you are going to pay for your studies when you can get a bursary to pay your studies for you.

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People know the meaning of the word “bursaries” or do they? Not all bursaries work the same.

Some bursaries will pay your studies in full and some bursaries only pay a percentage of the total. With some bursaries you even have to pay the full amount back once you have finished your studies.

This site DOES NOT hand out bursaries but provide information to students on bursaries; it also gives helpful links to sites where students CAN apply for bursaries.

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Do you always or almost fear to battle to not loose your budget to bursaries? Find out here.


Do you wonder of what type of people or who get the bursaries?


Do you find applying for a bursary straight forward or a bit worrisome?  Find out the answers to this specific question.


You have applied successfully to get a bursary, studied your courses at one of colleges, and passed them.  You may now be wondering of where to land a job by paying back the financial support installments.  Find out by clicking on the image.

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